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What will 2013 Mortgage Rates Look Like?


I am often asked by potential home buyers what will happen to the mortgage rates in 2013. Since I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the mortgage rates for 2013, I will defer to a recent article from one of my trusted mortgage specialists, Fred DaMore of Ross Mortgage.

“Mortgage interest rates have fallen over the last few years leaving many to wonder if the trend will continue in 2013. While it’s impossible to predict the future, the statistics below will help to provide perspective and give you a basic overview. Be sure to forward this information to friends and family who may be interested in a mortgage in the coming year.”
Mortgage Rates

Fred DaMore is the Branch Manager of Ross Mortgage Company with over 15 Years of Experience. His office is located at 3 Baldwin Green common #209 in Woburn MA 01801.  He can be reached at 781-376-9227 (NMLS# 4395- MC2084 & MC5274)


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